Member Spotlight: Meet Kiki Lally

It’s not every day you meet someone who was the first to do something in her country. Today, we’re introducing you to an AFCI Member who falls into this category. Pretty neat, right?

Meet Kiki Lally. Kiki and her husband, Sameer are the the co-founders of Pinnovate in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Pinnovate is the country’s first do-it-yourself (DIY) studio that combines wine, coffee and crafting! We interviewed Kiki about the business for an article in the Spring issue of Gradient, AFCI’s quarterly magazine. Below is a portion of the interview.


Pinnovate; Photo credit: Jennifer Chabot Photography

Tell us about yourself.

“Ironically, my background is not in anything crafty or creative; it happens to be in aviation. I have spent the last 17 years as a flight attendant with what was “the little airline that could” that has now grown into an extremely successful company, Westjet Airlines. Westjet raised the bar on customers’ expectations with their “Under promise; over deliver” motto. I have taken their caring and compassionate values into a different type of creative world with Pinnovate. If you haven’t had the chance to fly with Westjet, hop on a flight to Calgary and come for a visit.”


Kiki Lally, Co-Founder of Pinnovate; Photo credit: Jennifer Chabot Photography

Tell us about your business.

“Pinnovate comes out of a need for more innovative and artistic programming in our city. Having three young children, we find things to do with them, but I was looking for something unique that could appeal to all ages at any time. Our goal is to allow everyone, even those who don’t think they possess a creative bone, the opportunity to create something they can be proud of. We have a multitude of Pinterest-inspired projects to choose from; we supply all of the materials; and we provide hands on help and customization. In addition to fun crafts, we hold monthly workshops that include terrarium making, weave + wine nights, and we also play host to many different groups for splatter paint, date nights, bridal showers, team building sessions and birthday parties.”


Pinterest-inspired projects at Pinnovate; Photo credit: Jennifer Chabot Photography

Connect with Kiki and learn more about her business at

Read our full interview with Kiki in the Spring issue of Gradient, the official magazine of the Association For Creative Industries. The digital version is available to all AFCI members upon logging into your online account. Visit

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