6 Creative Influencers Spill Where They Go For Inspiration

From their resourcefulness to their ingenuity, makers and creators inspire us on a regular basis. But how do they think of those ideas? What inspires them, and what makes them tick?

In the Spring issue of Gradient, we spoke to six creative industry influencers to better understand where they turn for inspiration.

Angie Holden



“At times, I turn to magazines or Pinterest for inspiration. Other times, all I need to do is to start cleaning my craft room. Nothing inspires me more than a pile of unused craft supplies!”

Carolina Moore



“I love walking through the aisles of the craft or dollar store to find new toys to play with. I have a lot of seasonal projects or crafts that are inspired by new movies.”

Amanda Formaro



“Everywhere! I can be walking through a store and see something that strikes me, browsing blogs or Pinterest, and sometimes seeing an older design of mine sparks an idea. I just keep my eyes open all the time, as you never know when an idea will hit.”

Hannah and Rosie



“We use Instagram for inspiration and follow all of our favorite sewers and creative bloggers there. It’s such an easy way to keep up to date with people’s projects and also get people’s opinions on your own!”

Heather Valentine



“Inspiration can be found anywhere, but the one thing that captures my attention and pulls me in is the vibrant colors found in nature. If you look closely, you will find every color combination imaginable.”

Angel Hickman



“Having a degree in film studies, I love to look at old movies and vintage patterns for ideas. Whether it’s the gray suit that Kim Novak wore in ‘Vertigo’ or the green velvet dress made from curtains (the original upcycling) that Vivien Leigh wore in ‘Gone with the Wind,’ old movie fashions are the ideal place to get influence.”

Where do you find your creative inspiration? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

Read our full interview with these influencers in the Spring issue of Gradient, the official magazine of the Association For Creative Industries. The digital version is available to all AFCI members upon logging into your online account. Visit gradient.afci.global.

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