Thousands of individuals are taking their favorite hobbies and passions and turning them into craft businesses. In addition to innovative high-value services, the Association For Creative Industries (AFCI) fosters an invaluable industry support network that entrepreneurial startups can connect with to help them grow. We reached out to some of the craft industry’s most successful entrepreneurs for advice, tips and lessons they learned along the way.

KIM EVANS, Emerald Creek Craft Supplies – Supplier Member

“My biggest piece of advice for the new business owner is to find a good, strong mentor. Find someone who is willing to share industry secrets without hesitation in order to help you bypass hurdles that you would normally have to overcome. This will make sure you’re structured for growth before you begin to scale up.”

BROOKE ROE, Pinspiration – Buyer Member

“For new business owners, looking at big-picture systems through the lens of convenience is crucial. What can you automate, eliminate or delegate to help make doing business with you a pleasure? If you have more than one customer asking the same question, perhaps it’s time to adjust your response and automate by adding that question to your website FAQs. Look at eliminating any recurring tasks that suck up your time with little return. Delegate as much as you can to your strongest employees. Spending time to train on systems upfront is not as easy as doing things yourself, but it pays off in the long run.”

EILEEN HULL, Eileen Hull, LLC – Designer Member

“Be creative in all ways, not just in your craft. Set achievable goals and figure out ways to make them happen. If one way doesn’t work, chalk it up to experience and try another route. Do your best and don’t beat yourself up. Remember to live in between working. Smile a lot and be friendly. Do the research. Hire out when you need to. The thing that makes your business special is you, so don’t apologize for being yourself. Embrace your creative path and enjoy the journey.”

For more great tips from your industry peers, take a look at the article titled “What’s Your Biggest Piece of Advice for New Business Owners” in the summer issue of Gradient. For more information on how to take advantage of all that AFCI has to offer, contact Jason Baum, Director of Membership and Marketing at

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