Why Participating in Live Events Is Great for Your Business

More brands than ever are investing in experiential marketing, a tactic for selling products and services through activities that engage your customers. Experiential marketing makes your customers active participants in your marketing campaign and allows them to develop a personal relationship with your brand. Have you ever organized a make-n-take in your store or exhibited at Creativation? If so, then you’ve already used experiential marketing to drive interest in your company and products.

Here are some of the most significant benefits of participating in a live event.


According to the Radicati Group, a provider of quantitative and qualitative research on email, an estimated 269 billion emails are sent each day. Furthermore, DMR, a curator of statistics, reports approximately 50% of emails are considered spam. Messages can be overlooked when sending them through email. The amount of noise decreases when you engage your customers in person.


Showing your products in person lets you see and hear real reactions to what you are selling or creating.  It gives you an opportunity to talk with prospective customers about what they like in a no-pressure setting. Meeting customers face-to-face, hearing what they have to say, and gaining valuable product feedback is important and can energize your company.


Events are a goldmine of easy, interesting content. When everyone is having a good time, people love to talk about products, share their experience online and feature what they love in social media posts. It is also a great way to grow your customer list by collecting contact information in person.


Giveaways, competitions and teaching new skills within your event space are excellent ways to make brand activation memorable – and it’s possible to do on a small budget. 

Live events are a great way to engage your customers, increase sales and grow your customer base. As with any marketing campaign, developing an experience at a live event takes time and preparation. But the return on investment can be worthwhile. If you get stuck in a rut along the way, remember as your Association, AFCI is here to help you! Contact us at membership@afci.global to learn more or for more information on Creativation, North America’s largest creative industry trade event.

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