This month, we are pleased to introduce you to Jackie Janus, the Association For Creative Industries’ (AFCI) Trade Show Manager based in the Chicago office. Jackie will contribute to the coordination of all aspects of Creativation to ensure a successful event for the people in attendance.

Where are you from?

I live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

What’s your favorite craft and/or hobby?

Crafting is not a strong suit of mine. I keep up with photo books and my daughter’s baby book, but usually I just envy craft people. My favorite hobby currently is gardening and making my yard look pretty!

Any cool DIY projects you’ve tackled?

I’ve painted and refinished some old furniture. When we bought our house, I received some old furniture from family. I sanded, painted and changed out the hardware to make it more modern and fit within the décor of my house.

What’s the creative project you’d like to try?

I’d like to try a stamping project. When I attended Creativation 2019, the stamp options were so intriguing to me!

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