Gear Up For Greatness! Make Art Your Business and Life

Guest post from AFCI Creator VIP, Carol Foldvary-Anderson /

Carol Foldvary-Anderson /

If you believe you have to be organized for the future, you are right! We make plans for a vacation, but do we make plans for our future art businesses? Make the mental and physical space so when our time comes, we will be ready and prepared to move forward with ease, accessibility and excitement.

Organizing, clearing out the old and embracing change: It is all about gearing up for what is to come and preparing ourselves for the new life and projects that are truly exciting and those that with which we want to be involved. 

It’s important that time is spent clearing and cleaning: Eliminating the old to prepare and make room for the new life that is ahead. Letting go is the first thing necessary to take place. Let go of those undone projects, those items and art materials that no longer serve you and take away your feelings of being an accomplished, productive human being and art business professional.

I came across a great article years ago that said the things and “stuff” that surround us are essentially representing a part of our past, our present and our future. Take a moment and access that thought. How many of us live in the past? Are you saving tons of dried out paints, crinkled and ripped textured papers, buttons, beads and fabrics that seem to be more in the way than they are inspiring?  Just think about it: How much space are they taking up not only in our studio but also in our mind?

If you are not truly where you wish to be or feel you should be in your life and career, it might be due to a lingering in the comfort zone. As we release and step out of our present comfort zone, we connect to the things and projects that stir our imagination and our inspiration. We are revitalized and given new energy to do that which we wish to be doing in the future. Start moving in the direction that excites you — that direction is the future.

This is your invitation to “Gear up and prepare for Greatness!” Clear out and let go of all of the “stuff” to make the space for the projects coming and for the new art creations to materialize.

It is a scary thought to step out of the past and into the unknown. It is difficult to give away or let go of that beautiful this or that, which is now fully dust laden. Once you embrace the idea, to review your life and studio, and renew yourself, you will find an abundance of new opportunities opening up for you that you had only dreamed of.

“Gear up for Greatness!” As it is in your grasp, give it all you’ve got and more by letting go!

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