The Benefits of Creativity

Did you know that crafting can reduce stress and build self-esteem? In fact, research by the Association For Creative Industries (AFCI) shows that activities ranging from scrapbooking to knitting can enhance your overall wellness in a variety of ways.

Since March is National Craft Month, there is no better time to try a creative activity. Throughout the month, brick-and-mortar and online stores will explore the many benefits of crafting. Numerous demonstrations, displays and exciting opportunities will highlight the ways you can spend time creating projects that provide both joy and fulfillment.

The charts below showcase some fun facts about the attitudes crafters have toward their activities.  This information is from AFCI’s 2016 Creative Products Size of the Industry Study.


Overall, participating in crafts is special to crafters, and they would really miss it if they stopped. These feelings are strongest among those who participate in edible arts, painting and drawing, as well as kids crafts; followed by paper crafts and knitting and crochet.



Participating in craft activities makes most crafters feel proud.  Activities like paper crafting, painting and drawing, knitting and crochet, as well as needle arts make crafters feel relaxed.  Those who participate in edible arts and kids crafts also feel excited and joyful.



Crafters gain a sense of accomplishment by participating in craft activities.  When people participate in kids crafts they achieve warm relationships and a fun and enjoyable life.


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