Setting Clear Intentions

Guest blog post by AFCI VIP Creator, Carol Foldvary-Anderson /

carol vip

Life is not a sprint to the finish line. Life is an ever-changing path, walking up hill, gliding down and meandering through the meadow of abundant flora and fauna. Make plans to enjoy all of the delights and sweetness of life’s experiences. You will get where you wish to be, when the time is right and you are ready! Enjoy the journey!

“Setting Clear Intentions” following though to having a particular project come to fruition is key in getting anything accomplished, in your arts business and in life. Having a plan of action, and also leaving those options open, if something that truly captures your heart, will get you where you wish to be faster. I have found when you set clear intentions you program your thinking and doing to accomplish the final result you are reaching for. You are actually attracting what needs to be in your life for you to feel happy and fulfilled.

When I find myself going though what many psychologists might call “Monkey Mind,” when your thoughts go in all directions and you think to much and rethink, you then find yourself going in circles, and getting nowhere. By living the act of setting your thoughts to clear intention, focusing on what the real heartfelt issue is, and keeping your thoughts, emotions and actions aligned to achieve your goals, you will find yourself spending less time in your mind.

Set clear intention by writing to-do lists, separating what is most important to what can wait to be done. You can start with accomplishing three important tasks per day towards your goal. Set your mind and your actions to accomplish these tasks and by the end of your week you will have achieved fifteen action steps towards your dream goal.

If life, gets in the way, like it always tends to do, and you feel you are being sidetracked, catch up the next day by taking on more then three tasks or block out your to-do lists in a week rather then one day at at time. Work with what ever plan fits into your lifestyle. Remember you are creating a life, as much as an arts business!

Relax and have fun in the process! Live in the moment, and know all will come your way in time.

All in all, I have found that when attending CREATIVATION I see it as setting the right and clear intention to further grow my business as a AFCI Designer/Blogger. Planning to attend Creativation helps me set and develop a to-do list based on what I have learned and the connections I have made in the past, and the connections I would like to make in the future.

There is nothing more motivating when you know where you wish to be in your career and business and find the right avenue to expose you to the right people and influences that can make that happen.  You will find me in Phoenix, AZ at CREATIVATION!

By the way, I have been a AFCI Member since January of 2007. If you would like to know some unknown facts about me take a look below. Being a member of AFCI has enhanced my career in so many ways, by giving me the confidence I needed to be where I am today! Thank you AFCI, you ROCK!


Phone: 775.721.5338

Carol Foldvary-Anderson (varyCarol) is a Creative Artist/Designer VIP Member of the (AFCI) Association for Creative Industries formally the Craft and Hobby Association, Arts Educator, and grant recipient on several occasions from her home state of Nevada. She has found that teaching, encouraging and inspiring others to live their joy is her passion. Carol has been working her art and business for over 30 years.  Is she successful in creating an art-filled life? Yes, she certainly is!
Little Known Facts About Me…!

1. Early in my career I worked with a novelty company in San Francisco, CA and illustrated 15 mugs and plates… which were sold as souvenirs for the city and the Bay area. That project gave me the authorization to join CHA as a Designer Member back in 2007, and I have not missed a year as a member since then.

2. I have had the wonderful opportunity to have illustrated several Adult Coloring Books produced and distributed by Dover Publishing of NY, before the big boom of Adult Coloring Books took place. I made the contact with Dover Publishing early in my career when previous CHA, now AFCI provided Designer Showcase tables. Currently I am working with Prime/FaveCrafts designing FREE Downloadable Adult Coloring eBooks.

3. I enjoy working with and promoting non-profit organizations that instill the values that I believe are important. I donate works, auction off art, and provide classes/workshops for fundraising purposes.

4. I began my art career entering contests, one contest granted me the opportunity to design, produce, and built several large works of art in the public art realm, at a local community college working with contract labor and managing the overall project. 3 pieces that I was commissioned to create sold for $1000’s of dollars.

5. I avidly support the Nevada State Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts as I have applied for and successfully received several Grants funded by these organizations. I was invited to create an ornament for the White House during the George W. Bush Administration through my participation with the Nevada State Arts Council.

6. I was accepted to the Nevada State Artist’s & Community Roster! Which took me to the level of applying for Art Residencies in all kinds of places I would not have thought otherwise. Yosemite, remote Baker, Nevada, and other opportunities in Museums. I have also applied and received state and national funding for areas of business that I would have done anyway to build my business, and to have the life experience.

7. I am the inventor designer of an art technique I am promoting “Oil Pastel Smudge”. A journey which has given me access to be able to present this article and others to AFCI. At CREATIVATION 2018, I entered and was accepted to compete in “Innovation Center” with my Oil Pastel Smudge technique and met some potential clients to further the journey.

8. For over 10 years, earlier in my career, I was an active member of the Nevada Inventors Association, where actual business practices are shared. I’ve been very surprised more artists did not see the value in joining such a forward thinking group, as I see inventors are artist’s on a different, yet similar level.  It’s all about “The Business!” and how you wish to live your life, is what I believe!

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