October Trends Report: 2 Creative Trends We’re Seeing

This Trends Report is brought to you by the AFCI Trends Committee.

The Association For Creative Industries (AFCI) Trends Committee is always on the lookout for creative trends to keep your business in the know about what’s popular on the Internet and with crafters, makers and DIYers. Here are two creative trends we’re seeing right now.

1. Sprinkles!

Submitted by Kathy Cano-Murillo, Crafty Chica


MexiSprinkles by Candy Ramirez

Sprinkles have gone above and beyond the normal rainbow pebbles. New sprinkle brands are popping up and feature custom mixes for every personality. From Friday the 13th to Hocus Pocus, you can see many of them for Halloween. Regular favorites include mermaid tails, cacti, pinatas and many others. And people are using them on everything from cakes and doughnuts to ice cream and chocolate-dipped pretzels.


MexiSprinkles by Candy Ramirez

2. Instagram Challenges

Submitted by Jennifer Priest, Smart Fun DIY


Walnut Hollow Instagram Challenge

Collaborative social media based challenges are everywhere on Instagram. Challenges include daily prompts to get your creativity started. Most challenges focus on a theme and occur every day for one month. You can find challenge through their hashtags and get attention from other participants by hashtagging your posts for the challenge. People are looking for community, inspiration, and connection and get it by sharing their projects in these online challenges, like AFCI member Walnut Hollow’s #BurntOctober wood burning challenge.

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