Let’s Hang, The Ultimate Pitch Winner: Where Are They Now?

Who remembers Let’s Hang? Armando and Alfredo Ulloa, the brother duo from Texas, pitched their innovative wall hanging tool during the first-ever The Ultimate Pitch contest at Creativation in 2017. Thanks to the program, Let’s Hang is now available at all Michaels stores in the United States, on Darice.com, and on Amazon.com. We recently spoke to the inventors to learn more about their journey, including what’s next for Let’s Hang! Read on for their story and to find out how you could be the next The Ultimate Pitch $10,000 winner!

“Since winning The Ultimate Pitch contest in 2017, my brother, Alfredo and I, have been on quite the ride to making our dreams a reality with Let’s Hang. We can say without a doubt, had it not been for us entering the Innovations Center at Creativation, we would not be where we are today. Where is that you ask? Currently, Let’s Hang is now being sold at all United States located Michaels stores, Darice.com, Amazon.com, and we are in contract negotiations with QVC to appear on their network programming.

The Let's Hang Pitch

Armando and Alfredo Ulloa pitching Let’s Hang at The Ultimate Pitch at Creativation 2017

This all came to fruition as a result of submitting our invention and being selected as one of the finalists to go to the trade show and pitch our invention for a chance to win $10,000. What was more valuable than winning that big chunk of change, was the ability to show industry experts from across the world, what the customer value proposition was for Let’s Hang. We were fortunate enough to meet the Senior Vice President of Global Sourcing for Michaels, who loved the idea and just knew it had to be in Michaels stores.


Let’s Hang, the all-in-one hanging tool, allows you to hang your artwork and frames perfectly in just 60 seconds.

After signing a license and royalty contract with a subsidiary of Michaels, we began working with design engineers to create a reproducible Let’s Hang tool that was both cost effective and did not compromise customer usability. What was created is a beautiful, sleek, modern design that is like no tool currently out in the market. The fact that a first-time user can hang a frame in less than 60 seconds is a testament to the updated design quality in keeping with the integrity of the purpose for Let’s Hang.

Armando and Alfredo Ulloa

Armando and Alfredo Ulloa right after they won The Ultimate Pitch at Creativation 2017

Bottom line, what we have tried to say in a sort of long drawn way is, if you have the opportunity to submit your invention for The Ultimate Pitch…DO IT! The amount of exposure and opportunity to meet with industry experts will be well worth the time and money spent traveling to the event in Phoenix. Even if you do not win the competition, we have kept in touch with other contestants, and some of them were able to turn their product into real world sales by networking with retailers interested in their products. So, moral of the story? You won’t know what you have unless you put it out there! So hurry up and submit your invention and make your dreams come true, with a little help from Creativiation, because after all, it takes a village!”

Apply to the Innovations Center – Deadline October 31, 2018

You could be the next $10,000 The Ultimate Pitch winner!  If you have a brand new product or idea perfect for the creative industry, submit your idea to the Innovations Center. You could be selected to exhibit at the Innovations Center at Creativation 2019 and pitch your product at The Ultimate Pitch competition on Sunday, January 20, 2019.  The deadline is October 31, 2018. Click here to submit your innovation now!

One thought on “Let’s Hang, The Ultimate Pitch Winner: Where Are They Now?

  1. Cindy deRosier says:

    Thank you for the follow-up! I’m so glad to hear that Let’s Hang is doing well. I was very impressed with the product and am excited for them. I’m looking forward to seeing the next batch of inventors at the Ultimate Pitch!

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