September Trends Report: 4 Creative Trends We’re Seeing

This Trends Report is brought to you by the AFCI Trends Committee. Interested in submitting a trend? Contact Kristen Farrell at

The Association For Creative Industries (AFCI) Trends Committee is always on the lookout for creative trends to keep your business in the know about what’s popular on the Internet and with crafters, makers and DIYers. From pom poms to vintage rustic designs, here are four creative trends we’re seeing right now.

1. Pom Poms (They’re Here to Stay)

Submitted by Debra Quartermain, Debra Quartermain Design

Pom Pom Trim Boho Bag

Boho bag designed by Christie Troxell

“What a fun and light hearted trend, the classic pom pom and pom pom trim is still showing up everywhere! From DIY yarn pom pom crafts to strings of multi colored pom pom as room dividers, wall accents and window décor. Clothing hems, sleeves and necklines often have a delicate edging of tiny pom pom trim or large pom pom tassel strings. This corresponds with the popular boho trend.”

2. Crystals

Submitted by Kathy Cano-Murillo, Crafty Chica


“Crystals! The law of attraction has escalated beyond positive thinking. From rose quartz crystals to amethyst – people are turning to nature’s jewels to attract positive energy in their lives. Look online to see scores of DIY crystals, DIY crystal-inspired soaps and candles, and artful accessories such as crowns and earrings. Look at this DIY crystal tiara from HelloGiggles.”

3. Vintage Rustic Designs & More Fall Vibes

Submitted by Lisa Kettell, Lisa Kettell Designs

General Store Ceramic Platter

General Store Ceramic Platter

“What does September mean? Summer vacations come to a close, kids go back to school and Autumn festivals start to brew. It’s this time of year that we begin to get our rustic on. I am seeing a variety of vintage rustic designs. Stores just can’t get enough of general store motifs and farm to market supplies. Think wood, metal and ceramic. All mixing together as one. From wood crates, signs and displays to blanks ready for customizing. Laura Ingalls would be proud.”

Blank Metal Displays

Blank Metal Displays

Blank chalk board signs

Blank chalk board signs

Blank Wooden Planks

Blank Wooden Planks

“Let’s not forget the warm and cozy vibes of red and black. This means we will all be acquiring lumber jack plaid. Designers just can’t get enough of this warm fall combo, which I believe will extend into the holiday season. From fashion, home décor to crafts, plaid has taken over.”

wooden crate

Main Street Bakery Wood Crate

“Are you a foodie? One look at the general store and marketplace designs hitting the scene and you will be. Nothing like getting inspired to bake and create. Especially when you have really great products on the market to play with.”

4. Paint Pouring

Submitted by Candy Rosenberg, A Vintage Girl

Paint Pouring

Paint Pouring By Diana Mango

“I have been bombarded recently with the following trend, Paint Pouring. Although this is not new to the art world, it is new to your average consumer. I have not had a chance to try it myself and I have everything I need to do it, but I am little scared. I have watched many hours of YouTube videos and there is so many ways to do it that I am not sure where to start. I believe the biggest apprehension is the space that is needed and subsequent mess that is made, maybe I will just dig in but meanwhile I am going to share some Paint Pouring love right here.

What is Paint Pouring?
According to Marion Boddy-Evans it is pouring, puddling, dripping… the defining characteristic of this acrylic painting technique is that you don’t apply the paint with a brush or palette knife, but rather use gravity to move the paint across a canvas. The results are unlike anything you can get with a brush: fluid flows of paint without any brush marks or texture.

A great informational article by Golden Paints with a great explanation of the entire process can be found here.

The first artist that I would like to introduce is Diana Mango and quite honestly, I had not seen this technique hardly at all until I seen her doing it and sharing on her personal Facebook. We are fellow swappers on several Artist Trading Card groups, so we have been trading art for well over a year. She just jumped right in and was showing her finished work. She had a natural ability in creating cool effects with Paint Pouring. She has recently created a Facebook to show her work at, stop by if you get a chance.”

Paint Pouring

Paint Pouring By Diana Mango

Paint Pouring

Paint Pouring By Diana Mango

“Now, Diana Mango is a young woman that is budding artist but by no means has exhibits in art galleries and the such, this just shows that anyone can truly do this. However, there are some learned tricks and many techniques to create certain results by way of practicing.

These are completed works that I found on the Internet that are more known artists, so you can see how they are differ regardless of the one that is creating it.”

Paint Pouring

Paint Pour with the Double Dirty Landscape Technique by Caren Goodrich

Paint Pouring

Rick Cheadle of Cheadle Designs

Paint Pouring

Nata S. Fine Art on


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