Is Your Brand “Under the Influence”?

Creativation 2018 at Fair Isle Booth

Lynn Lilly at Creativation 2018 at the Fair Isle Booth

By Lynn Lilly, Craft Box Girls

Consumers no longer search for products. They search for ideas, projects and inspiration. Therefore, consumers are discovering products through this content rather than through traditional advertising methods like print ads, billboards and mailers.

How do you get in on the content game and how does that help grow your sales and build brand relationships with consumers? In comes the biggest buzzword: influencers!

Influencer relationships come in many different forms and can be one of the best tools to connect with consumers, build a trustworthy brand and grow your business.

Creativation 2018 Live Broadcast at Walnut Hollow Booth

Lynn Lilly at Creativation 2018 doing a live broadcast at the Walnut Hollow Booth

What exactly is an influencer? An influencer is a person who has an above-average influence over a select audience. This influence can be through social media connections, associations, connections to media outlets and teaching roles.

There is often an assumption that an influencer must have thousands of social media followers, but also consider the power of an influencer who reaches thousands of people through television, contributes to multiple digital and print media ads, or one who teaches niche skills to hundreds each month. Finding the right influencers to work with is the key to a successful relationship.

Here are some standard ways to work with influencers:

  • Sponsored Blogs, Videos, Social Media Posts
  • Television or Live Broadcast Endorsements
  • Event Activations/Hosting
  • Social Media Take Overs
  • Product Consulting
  • Ambassador Programs
  • Product Sampling/Testing

Here are some tips for maintaining successful relationships with influencers:

  • An influencer/brand relationship needs to be beneficial and fair for both parties. Recognize that this is a job, and most jobs don’t pay in cupcakes and glue guns.
  • Do your research before reaching out to an influencer to understand his or her quality and level. Start the relationship on the right foot by making sure the compensation proposal is based on his or her experience and the amount of work you are requesting.
  • Give him or her creative freedom. You can still control how the influencer represents your brand/product, but let the expert put his or her creative genius to work for you.
  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking of influencer relationships as one-off engagements. Research shows that a consumer needs to see or hear something three to five times before making an action.
  • Remember, influencers not only offer the ability for a brand to reach an engaged audience through their trusted source, but they can become true partners to your business.

Isn’t it time you were under the influence?

Hire an Influencer

The AFCI Creator Connect Program is your resource for the creative industry’s most talented and influential makers. Hire an AFCI Creator for AFCI Events, including In the MKNG™ and Creativation, to promote your products and drive traffic to your booth, and/or year-round to represent your brand through your own channels! To research and hire AFCI Creators, visit

About Lynn Lilly

Lynn Lilly is the founder of the creative lifestyle website and Apple TV app, Craft Box Girls, and author of Screen-Free Crafts Kids Will Love (Ulysses 2016). The DIY television personality and founder of National DIY Day has a passion for making, crafting and DIY easy and fun for the average person.

Michaels Live Broadcast - Lynn is a Michaels Maker

Michaels Live Broadcast – Lynn Lilly is a Michaels Maker

Lynn and her team have built a multiplatform creative lifestyle brand and continue to be on the forefront of content marketing. They work with top brands like Michaels Stores (Lynn is a Michaels Maker), Brother International, Teva, Paper House Productions, Amazon, Marabu, Bernzomatic and FabFitFun. When Lynn is not whipping up her next popular craft or prepping for her weekly television gig, she is laughing with her baby girl and enjoying life with her husband and their three dogs.

This is a portion of an article that first appeared in the Summer 2018 issue of Gradient. Click here to log into your AFCI Membership account to read the full version.

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