August Trends Report: 4 Creative Trends We’re Seeing

This Trends Report is brought to you by the AFCI Trends Committee. Interested in submitting a trend? Contact Kristen Farrell at

The Association For Creative Industries (AFCI) Trends Committee is always on the lookout for creative trends to keep your business in the know about what’s popular on the Internet and with crafters, makers and DIYers. From ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) to a new Artist Trading Card (ATC) here are the four trends you need to know about right now.


Submitted by Jennifer Priest, Smart Fun DIY

“ASMR and sensory content are huge right now. The slime, bath bomb, and DIY science experiment trends of the last few years have blossomed into a new series of sensory focused DIY projects. Creators are using art and craft supplies to create sensory experiences via ASMR videos. From crumbling floral foam blocks covered in glitter to cutting handmade soap loaves to watching artists whisper while painting, ASMR is showing up big time in the DIY space. Squishy toys are being replicated as squishy DIYs using foam kits and silicone baking molds. And bath bombs are being created with ASMR effects or in giant size, the fizzing producing a feeling of satisfaction in those who watch.”

2. Nature is Calling (and so are the “Rosés”)

Submitted by Lisa Kettell, Lisa Kettell Designs

Floral art

Picture by Lisa Kettell

“Currently I am seeing a variety of interesting trends throughout the creative industry. The first being floral. Designers just can’t get enough of floral patterns. From fashion, food to crafts, florals have taken over. Floral embroidery on clothing, hibiscus lattes, and rose centric décor, this trend has only begun to bloom.

What goes with flowers? Insects of course. Birds, butterflies and bees themes are back. They join the floral movement and can be seen in lots of designs. Is it a summer trend? Maybe, but I see these magical insects flying on for a bit. Joining forces with the world of science. Be on the look for specimen jars, beakers and industrial science hitting stores hard in August.

Look for the essence of rosé to hit hard in August, too. It’s become the party wine of choice this summer and popping up in creative design. Scrapbooking, planners, wall prints and mugs, this blush wine has everyone talking.”

3. Artist Trading Coins – the New ATC

Submitted by Candy Rosenberg, A Vintage Girl

“This month I would like to highlight a new trend in Artist Trading Cards. I have personally participated in swapping with others all over the world for 10 years now, and I have made well over 10,000 ATCs. The new trend is called Artist Trading Coins, which measure 2” in diameter. It is not often that something truly new is introduced, but I think this one comes close.

The Artists Trading Coins trend was started by Crafty Hodges on YouTube, whose process video shows more about these fun little circles of art.

The traditional trading cards have been around for quite some time; measure 2.5” x 3.5”; and fit in a standard trading card pocket for storing. Traditional cards are swapped all over the world and have no rules except the size. I have created and/or traded many cards that are sewn fabric, metal, heavy chipboard, plastic and even good old paper. They are very fun to trade with others all over the world with many Facebook groups and websites that allow you trade with others all in one setting. Artist Trading Cards and Artist Training Coins are fantastic ways to get your mojo going; use up scraps and bits and pieces in your craft area; and are considered small pieces of art in the craft industry.

This sector is often overlooked; however, there is a huge market that is very hungry for products, especially tools and punches that make it easier to create these little works of art.

Here are some examples of coins created by Crafty Hodges, the founder of this new trend. What a cute idea that is taking the ATC world by storm!


Artist Trading Coin by Crafty Hodges


Artist Trading Coin by Crafty Hodges

I went ahead and tried my hand at it, but first, I scoured my local craft store to find a 2” punch to make them easy and uniform in size. Fiskars has a great heavy-duty version that has worked beautifully.”


2” punch by Fiskars


Artist Trading Coins by Candy Rosenberg


4. European Trends

Submitted by Roberta Birnbaum,

Tassel and pom pom earrings

Picture by Roberta Birnbaum

“I recently spent six weeks in Europe and loved witnessing the trends. Back in the “olden days” aka pre-Internet, European trends were sometimes a full year-or more- ahead of the U.S., and even longer for Canada. It was wonderful to see some of the same trends occurring concurrently.

What really stood out? Unicorns (still), llamas (very popular), and tassels and pompoms (wow!); they’re everywhere. Tassels and pompoms are decorating clothes, accessories, and home décor. I don’t see it falling out of favor any time soon.”

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