The Latest Viral Sensation Hitting Craft Stores Across the Nation

It’s only three months into 2018 and the Internet has already seen many viral sensations, from the Google Arts & Culture app’s face match to Super Bowl Selfie Kid to Pita Taufatofua’s return to the Olympics. Thanks to 22-year-old Kelsey Maggart, the latest viral meme is your local craft store’s floral section. People are taking pictures in the floral aisle in a way that it doesn’t look like they’re in a retail store.

Here’s Kelsey’s Twitter post that started it all.


AFCI staff members Cassandra, Raquel and Kristen couldn’t resist giving it a try.




And here are some of our favorite pictures we found on Instagram.






Join in the fun! We want to see your pictures! Share your floral photo shoot pictures using the hashtag #MichaelsChallenge!

And please, do your best not to leave a mess for the employees of the store!

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